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The Best way to meet a Counselor


The Best way to meet a Counselor


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We are a group of Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists here to help you for living the best of life

Online Counseling is a new idea to many people, so we've made the experience as simple as possible.

It provides all the freedom for people, easier to open up more than in an office environment and can build a rapport between Psychologist and Client.What you need, just a smart phone or computer with a good internet connection and a balance in your bank account to pay the bills.

You can access counseling at anywhere at any time of the day

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We offer the full spectrum of services in the field of Psychology, to help people and their mental health. Here the Psychologists can explore your behavior and mental processes, including perception, cognition, attention, emotion, intelligence, motivation, brain functioning, and personality. Let's have a look at some of the services here.

Adolescent Problems

Adolescence period is a developmental phase which begins transition from childhood to adulthood. During this period, children are beginning to fo...


Dependence indicates dependence on a particular substance or activity, may be porn or mobile phones or others. A harmful dependence (eating, game...

Stress Management

Stress is any physical or emotional factor that causes mental unrest. These factors include trauma, infections, toxins, illnesses, and injuries o...

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are neurological disorders that affect one's ability to understand or use spoken or written language, do mathematical calcu...

Mood Disorder

Mood disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by the elevation or lowering of a person's mood, such as depression or bipolar disorder. ...

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety is a mental state which makes feeling of unease such as worrying, nervousness or fear, etc. Every human being may feel anxiety at some po...

Parent Child Counseling

Effective parent- child relationship is necessary for a healthy family life. Parenting is a challenging job and there may be conflicts between pa...

Emotional Intelligence Counseling

Human beings with positive thinking pattern become successful in every aspect of life and can lead a happy life. Emotional counseling can help us...

Our Psychologists

All Psychologists are licensed and accredited professionals


Here, you can discuss your deepest, innermost feelings with Psychologist easier than in an office set-up and can build a rapport between Client and Psychologist face to face.

Psychologists are very compassionate and can empathize with a client's pain and difficulties. They are able to put clients at ease and make people feel comfortable with problem solving techniques. Clients of effective Psychologists have a belief that their Psychologists will be helpful because of the communication that happens between them both verbally and non-verbally.

People Oriented

We designed the Platform like user doesn't need any technical knowledge for accessing services. Our Multi-language platform will be launched soon.

Passion for Technology

With the help of innovation and Passion for technology, we are constantly striving to provide solutions for the specific needs of the people and are adaptable quickly to the changing world around us.

Professional and Procedural Expertise

With The help of mind experts, together we can avail the counseling process for a better standard of mental health to people. We provide training for our Psychologists on a regular basis to allow them to stay current with the latest technology.

We deliver only solutions for the people, never business

Our service charges can meet only the maintenance and running cost of the platform. We respect affordability of the users and at the same time Professional service payments for Psychologists, while delivering the best solutions for the people and their mental health.



Blogs & Articles

Blogs and articles are two great mediums for adding most up-to-date information in the Platform. The blogs can create a casual outlook and provide a great way to form a personal relationship with readers. So join here with your investment in time and energy.

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frequently asked questions

Are MindGuru counsellors are registered in Indian association for clinical Psychologists (IACP) ?

Yes. All MindGuru clinical psychologists are registered under the Indian psychological association for clinical psychologists (IACP). And all psychologists are post graduated (PG) from UGC recognized colleges/universities.


What is online psychological counselling?

Online psychological counseling is a provision of providing counseling services online via video calling, audio calling, text, live chatting for those facing difficulties in their personal, academic, or professional life. The services may be free or paid sessions.

Languages in which MindGuru provides online counseling?

MindGuru provides counseling services all over the globe in both Indian and other languages including   Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi, Kashmiri, Urdu, Arabi, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Sindhi, Assamese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani, and Odia.


"I have never been remotely ashamed of having been depressed. Never, What's to be ashamed of? I went through a really rough time and I am quite proud that I got out of that." - JK Rowling